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Chinese ship released with crew members safe


Source: | 02-09-2009 13:32

Special Report:   China navy's escorting mission

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The Foreign Ministry says a Chinese fishing vessel held by Somali pirates since last year was released Sunday, and its 24 crew members are safe.

The Foreign Ministry says a Chinese fishing vessel held by Somali pirates since last year was released Sunday, and its 24 crew members are safe.
The Foreign Ministry says a Chinese fishing vessel held by 
Somali pirates since last year was released Sunday, and its 
24 crew members are safe.

The Tianyu Number 8 is now "under the protection" of the Chinese naval escort fleet patrolling the Gulf of Aden. The crew of 16 Chinese, including one from Taiwan, and 8 foreign sailors, will be given provisions and a physical examination.

The escort fleet will also accompany the ship to safe waters. The Chinese government made great efforts to rescue the crew, and has expressed thanks for the crew's release.

The Foreign Ministry is once again warning Chinese ships and sailors against approaching or entering waters off Yemen, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania to avoid encounters with pirates.