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Envoy: China´s position on Gaza situation received positively


Source: | 01-21-2009 09:08

Special Report:   Israel airstrikes in Gaza

The Chinese Special Envoy to the Middle East, Sun Bigan, says China's position on the current situation in Gaza was received positively. He made the remarks in Beijing on Tuesday, after a four-day visit to the region.

The Chinese Special Envoy to the Middle East, Sun Bigan, says China's position on the current situation in Gaza was received positively. 
The Chinese Special Envoy to the Middle East, Sun Bigan, 
says China's position on the current situation in Gaza 
was received positively.

During his visit, Sun put forward China's five points on the Gaza issue, including ceasing all military actions immediately, taking measures to ease the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and establishing a ceasefire monitoring mechanism.

Special Envoy to the Middle East, Sun Bigan said, "The ultimate solution to the Gaza issue would be political negotiations to solve disputes, and to realize the peaceful coexistence of Israeli and Palestinian people."


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