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Hamas to keep fighting if truce demands aren´t met


Source: | 01-18-2009 11:34

Special Report:   Israel airstrikes in Gaza

Hamas is threatening to continue its fight against Israel if none of its demands for a ceasefire are met.

Hamas is threatening to continue its fight against Israel if none of its demands for a ceasefire are met.
Hamas is threatening to continue its fight against Israel 
if none of its demands for a ceasefire are met. Osama Hamdan,
Hamas Representative in Lebanon. (File Photo)

Osama Hamdan, Hamas Representative in Lebanon, said, "To be clear, we have nothing new to offer. We are not going to go back to the first point in the discussions and dialogue. Either we hear what we want or the result will be continuing the confrontation on the ground. The battle will not be over by ending the aggression. The battle will be over by ending the occupation. This is how we look at the battle and how we deal with it."


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