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Israel court hears petition


Source: | 01-16-2009 14:31

Special Report:   Israel airstrikes in Gaza

The Israeli Supreme Court has ordered a hearing of two urgent petitions put forward by human rights groups. The petitions call for immediate humanitarian action in Gaza.

Palestinian relatives of a Hamas fighter mourn after he was killed by an Israeli air strike. World leaders expressed mounting concern about the humanitarian impact of Israel's massive offensive on the Gaza Strip, as diplomatic efforts to bring an end to the conflict went into overdrive.(AFP/Said Khatib)
Palestinian relatives of a Hamas fighter mourn after he 
was killed by an Israeli air strike. World leaders 
expressed mounting concern about the humanitarian 
impact of Israel's massive offensive on the Gaza Strip, 
as diplomatic efforts to bring an end to the conflict 
went into overdrive.(AFP/Said Khatib)

The supreme court's decision was made after receiving a counter-argument from the Israeli government on Tuesday.

The Israeli government maintains that it's doing enough to protect civilian lives in Gaza. But the two petitions demand that the Israeli military refrains from attacking medical teams in Gaza and permits the evacuation of the wounded.

They also urge the Israeli government to supply fuel and electricity to run Gaza's hospitals, water wells and sewage pumps, and permit technicians to fix the crumbling infrastructure.


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