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Israel launches heaviest attack against Gaza


Source: | 01-14-2009 09:42

Special Report:   Israel airstrikes in Gaza

Israel has launched its heaviest attack yet against Gaza City striking from the air, shelling from the sea and sending ground troops toward the city center.

Israel has launched its heaviest attack yet against Gaza City striking from the air, shelling from the sea and sending ground troops toward the city center.
Israel has launched its heaviest attack yet against Gaza
City striking from the air, shelling from the sea and 
sending ground troops toward the city center.

But, as we see now, Hamas remains defiant pledging to continue rocket fire until Israel accepts their terms.

It's the deepest thrust so far by Israeli troops into Gaza moving into the heart of densely populated Gaza City on Tuesday.

Backed by artillery and attack helicopters, soldiers moved into the Tel Hawwa neighborhood, within 1.6 kilometers of the crowded city center.

Dozens of homes were destroyed as terrified residents ran for cover with sounds of intense fighting echoing all over the city.

On the same day, Israeli aircraft attacked 60 targets, including tunnels used by Gaza militants to smuggle arms, weapons-making sites, and Hamas command posts.

Israel's military chief says his troops have inflicted significant damage on Hamas but will continue fighting to further cripple the militant group.