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World´s largest Barbie store to open in Shanghai


Source: | 01-14-2009 09:30

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The Barbie doll may have originated in America, but her new home will soon open in downtown Shanghai. The city is set to open the largest Barbie store in the world.

The Barbie doll may have originated in America, but her new home will soon open in downtown Shanghai. 
The Barbie doll may have originated in America, but her new 
home will soon open in downtown Shanghai.

American toy manufacturer, Mattel, says the store is part of the celebrations for Barbie's fiftieth birthday in March. And the choice of the location reflects the growing base of Chinese fans, who know Barbie as " Ba Bi Wa Wa".

The world's most glamorous doll couple, Barbie and Ken, arrived in downtown Shanghai to help launch what is being billed the biggest Barbie store in the world.

Eight years after Barbie was first sold on the Chinese mainland, the bright pink Shanghai launch has been arranged to draw in the customers.