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Anti-war protest goes global


Source: | 01-12-2009 13:59

Special Report:   Israel airstrikes in Gaza

Sunday was another bloody day for the people of Gaza. It was also a day for wider world protests.

Eight hundred and 70 Palestinians are now dead after Israel's deepest advance yet into Gaza's most heavily populated area on Sunday.

Muslims hold up a doll which represents an injured victim and shout anti-war slogans during a protest by members of the Arab and Muslims communities living in Bulgaria in Plovdiv east of the Bulgarian capital Sofia, Friday, Jan. 9, 2009. Hundreds Muslims gathered to protest against the ongoing Israeli military operation in Gaza Strip.(AP Photo) 
Muslims hold up a doll which represents an injured victim 
and shout anti-war slogans during a protest by members of 
the Arab and Muslims communities living in Bulgaria in 
Plovdiv east of the Bulgarian capital Sofia, Friday, Jan. 
9, 2009. Hundreds Muslims gathered to protest against the 
ongoing Israeli military operation in Gaza Strip.(AP Photo)

There are strong indications the campaign is expanding as Israel announced reserve units will move into Gaza. Asia and Europe calling for an end to the bloody invasion.

In the West Bank, dolls symbolize the children lost or at risk in the fighting and women carry banners calling for mercy to be shown.

The protesters are joined the young hoping to drive home the anti-war message.

And protecting the children became the common theme in Lebanon and Pakistan on Sunday, the day when Israeli troops advanced into Gaza's most heavily populated area.

In Rome, people chain themselves together for the message " Let's give peace a hand." And Athens takes the chance to teach its younger generation what is peace.

In contrast to the peaceful marches else where in the world, a huge demonstration in Belgian capital Brussels turned violent, as 300 thousand people marched down the city's main boulevard.

The demonstration ended in scuffles between some fifty protesters and riot police. Ten people were arrested.


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