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Kunlun Antarctic station begins construction


Source: | 01-11-2009 15:15

The construction of China's third Antarctic station, Kunlun Station, started on Friday at Dome A, the pole's highest icecap.

The construction of China's third Antarctic station, Kunlun Station, started on Friday at Dome A, the pole's highest icecap. 
The construction of China's third Antarctic station, Kunlun
Station, started on Friday at Dome A, the pole's highest 
 (Photo: xinhua)

The expedition team of 28 men attended the ground-breaking ceremony for Kunlun. The station is being built more than four-thousand meters above sea level, and will be China's first inland Antarctic research station.

Its main structure is being built using special steel that withstands low temperatures, and is red and yellow to represent China. Inside there will be modules for scientific research and climate observation.

The first phase of construction on Kunlun Station is expected to be finished before January 25th.


Editor:Shi Taoyang