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Israeli condemned for attack on UN convoy


Source: | 01-09-2009 13:59

Special Report:   Israel airstrikes in Gaza

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned Israel for opening fire on an UN aid convoy in Gaza.

The attack killed two aid workers, and injured one.

In a statement released through a spokesperson, the Secretary-General demands that Israel conduct a comprehensive investigation of the attack, and take measures to prevent it from happening again.(

In a statement released through a spokesperson, the
Secretary-General demands that Israel conduct a
comprehensive investigation of the attack, and take
measures to prevent it from happening again.(

In a statement released through a spokesperson, the Secretary-General demands that Israel conduct a comprehensive investigation of the attack, and take measures to prevent it from happening again.

The statement also urges a immediate cease-fire to ensure that rescue personnel could work safely.

It points out the humanitarian situation is worsening in Gaza, but the UN is unable to carry out assist due to Israeli attacks. The statement calls this unacceptable.


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