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Mumbai terror attacks hit Indian tourism hard


Source: | 12-23-2008 08:25

The tourism industry has been hit hard in India's eastern city of Bodhgaya, with the influx of foreign tourists slowing down to a trickle due to the economic slowdown and the Mumbai terror attacks.

Tourism in Mumbai has been rocked by the deadly attacks on the city.(AFPTV)
Tourism in Mumbai has been rocked by the deadly attacks 
on the city.(AFPTV)

Bodhgaya is one of India's most frequented destinations by Buddhists from around the world.

Every year, hundreds of tourists from countries like Japan, China and Nepal throng to the town to see the ancient Buddhist relics.

The winter season here coincides with a Buddhist festival called Wivin Puja. The small township used to be full of visitors during the season. But these days, the place has a rather more depressing look.

The tourism industry has been hit hard in India's eastern city of Bodhgaya, with the influx of foreign tourists slowing down to a trickle due to the economic slowdown and the Mumbai terror attacks.
The tourism industry has been hit 
hard in India's eastern city of 
Bodhgaya, with the influx of foreign 
tourists slowing down to a trickle 
due to the economic slowdown and 
the Mumbai terror attacks.