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India police release names of Mumbai suspects


Source: | 12-10-2008 13:51

Special Report:   Terror attacks in Mumbai

Indian police have released the names of nine suspected Islamic militants killed during their attack on Mumbai.

At a briefing on Tuesday, the chief police investigator showed photographs of eight of the men.

Indian police have released the names of nine suspected Islamic militants killed during their attack on Mumbai.(
Indian police have released the names of nine
suspected Islamic militants killed during their
attack on Mumbai.(

Some were taken from identity cards, while others were gruesome shots of the dead attackers. No photograph was released for one of the men because his body was too badly burned.

The investigator also gave details of the districts and towns in Pakistan from where the gunmen are believed to have come.

Pakistan has intensified its crackdown on a militant group suspected in the Mumbai attacks by arresting 20 more people.But on Tuesday, it repeated it will not hand any of its citizens over to India.


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