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Chang´e-1 successfully makes orbital transfer


Source: | 12-10-2008 13:38

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China's first moon probe, Chang'e-1, has successfully lowered its orbit from 200 kilometers away from the moon's surface to 100-kilometers.

Chang'e-1, has successfully lowered its orbit from 200 kilometers away from the moon's surface to 100-kilometers.
Chang'e-1, has successfully lowered its orbit from 200 
kilometers away from the moon's surface to 100-kilometers

China's National Space Administration said this was necessary to make more specific observations. Chang'e-1 was launched into space in October, 2007 -- the first step in China's three-stage moon mission.

Back in November the probe sent the first full map of the moon's surface back to China. Chinese scientists are planning a moon landing and the launch of a moon rover in 2012.

During the third phase of the plan --scheduled for 2017 -- another rover will land on the moon returning to earth with lunar soil and stone samples for scientific research.


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