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WHO: Cholera epidemic likely to worsen in Zimbabwe


Source: | 12-06-2008 09:52

The World Health Organization says a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe could be even worse than the figures show.

The UN says the epidemic has killed more than 500 people across the country, with over 12 thousand suspected cases so far.

The World Health Organization says a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe could be even worse than the figures show.(
The World Health Organization says a cholera outbreak
in Zimbabwe could be even worse than the figures show.

The country is asking for more help to pay for food and drugs.

W.H.O. figures show that four percent of people with cholera are dying in Zimbabwe.

But many sufferers are staying at home rather than going to hospital.

Gregory Hartl, WHO Spokesman, said, "A lot of treatment centers for cholera are not functioning, and in addition there's not the money for cholera treatment, supplies. With the effect that many people decide not to even try to go to cholera treatment centers to get treated, so these cases are not counted."

High levels of cholera are common in the region, but it's hitting Zimbabwe especially hard because the population has already been weakened by hunger and poverty.

Officials blame the latest outbreak on lack of water treatment and broken sewage pipes.

On Wednesday, the Red Cross delivered more supplies to fight cholera in the country, promising to release more funds.

It said more water treatment plants and medical staff are needed, and the costs could climb into tens of millions of US dollars.

The European Commission, meanwhile, said it will provide more than 12 million euros for medicine and clean water.

Britain has offered 4.4 million US dollars and set aside a further 10 million to provide medicine and basic health services, while the US said it will provide an additional 600 thousand US dollars.


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