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China´s tourism on downturn trend


Source: | 12-03-2008 09:28

Special Report:   Global Financial Crisis

China's tourism authority says the number of inbound tourists has dropped for three consecutive months. In October alone, foreign visits to China dropped by more than 11 percent.

In October alone, foreign visits to China dropped by more than 11 percent. 
In October alone, foreign visits to China dropped 
by more than 11 percent.

China's tourism experienced its sharpest drop in October since the 2003 SARS epidemic.

Authorities tried to use the Beijing Olympics to boost the industry, but the financial crisis has hampered the plan. Most foreign visitors to China come from the United States, Europe and Japan all hit hard by the crisis.

Tong Lei, Chairman of China Int'l Travel Service, said, "From what we know, consumer confidence keeps declining in markets like the United States and Europe. This has put significant pressure on our business."

Jiang Jiannig, CEO of China Youth Travel Service, said, "Economies in major western countries have entered a period of recession. I think the real impact on China's tourism will only truly appear in the first half of 2009."