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No massive return of rural migrant workers to hometowns


Source: | 11-21-2008 10:33

Special Report:   Global Financial Crisis

Officials have said the vast number of migrant workers are the worst-affected group by the financial crisis. But they denied there has been a large scale return of migrant workers to their hometowns.

At the same press conference, officials have said the vast number of migrant workers are the worst-affected group by the financial crisis. But they denied there has been a large scale return of migrant workers to their hometowns.
Officials have said the vast number of migrant workers are 
the worst-affected group by the financial crisis. But they 
denied there has been a large scale return of migrant workers 
to their hometowns.

China has about 150 million migrant workers, most of whom come from rural areas. When the financial crisis struck, they were the first group to feel the punch.

Yin Weimin, Human Resources & Social Securtiy Minister, said, "With factories shutting down, going bankrupt or halting production, some migrant workers have had to return to their hometowns in rural areas. "

The Minister described the returns as a normal flow for a labor force. But he denied it is a massive return.