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Direct cross-Strait sea links open


Source: | 11-10-2008 08:40

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The first boat to travel along a direct sea route established between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland has arrived at its destination. It sailed from Taiwan's Keelung to Fujian's Mawei Port on Saturday, carrying more than 600 passengers.

The first boat to travel along a direct sea route established between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland has arrived at its destination.
The first boat to travel along a direct sea route established 
between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland has arrived at 
its destination.

According to an agreement on sea transportation signed early this month, the two sides agreed to open major ports for direct sea transportation, Fuzhou's Mawei and Taiwan's Keelung among them. This was the first direct sea trip to leave from Taiwan island, under the agreement. The boat pulled in to Mawei port by 11:30am.

It sailed from Taiwan's Keelung to Fujian's Mawei Port on Saturday, carrying more than 600 passengers.
It sailed from Taiwan's Keelung to Fujian's Mawei Port on 
Saturday, carrying more than 600 passengers.

Chen Hsueh-Sheng, Chairman of Mazu Culture & Trade Exchange Assoc., said, "I'm very glad, and I am deeply grateful. I think the route should have been opened earlier, it's significant."

Many passengers are from Taiwan's tourism industry, coming to popularize Taiwan's many tourist sites.