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Kuomintang Chairman holds banquet for visiting ARATS chief


Source: | 11-06-2008 14:12

Special Report:   ARATS Chief visits Taiwan

Kuomintang Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung has held a banquet for visiting ARATS chief Chen Yunlin and the Mainland delegation.

Kuomintang Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung has held a banquet for visiting ARATS chief Chen Yunlin and the Mainland delegation.
Kuomintang Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung has held a banquet for 
visiting ARATS chief Chen Yunlin and the Mainland delegation.

Wu hailed the 4 agreements the two sides signed on direct shipping and flights, postal services and food safety. And Chen thanked Taiwan's major political parties and people for their cooperation.

Kuomintang Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung said, "Chairman Chen's visit to Taiwan and his meeting with Chairman Chiang have been very successful. I believe the achievements will promote the peaceful development of the cross-Straits relations and the well-being of people on both sides. History will prove this is a very important step forward."

ARATS chairman Chen Yunlin said, "I believe the Kuomintang and the majority of Taiwan people think the same. That's why we have the courage to shoulder the responsibilities. Because of your support, we can make this historic step and we will definitely go further."