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Taipei: New home ready for two pandas from mainland


Source: | 11-03-2008 14:03

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Taiwan authorities say everything is ready for the arrival of two pandas from the mainland including their new home in Taipei's Muzha Zoo. The panda pair should arrive at the end of November.

Taiwan authorities say everything is ready for the arrival of two pandas from the mainland including their new home in Taipei's Muzha Zoo. The panda pair should arrive at the end of November.
Taiwan authorities say everything is ready for the 
arrival of two pandas from the mainland including their 
new home in Taipei's Muzha Zoo. The panda pair should 
arrive at the end of November.

The zoo has spent millions of New Taiwan dollars to build a new panda hall. Officials are expecting huge turnouts of panda fans to visit the new stars. Zoo officials will adopt a quota system to limit the number of visitors in a bid to help the pandas adjust to their popularity.

The pair, Tuantuan and Yuanyuan, will to arrive in Taipei in about a month's time. If everything goes as planned, they will make their public debut in Taipei by the end of January, next year.

Chen Yunlin who's Chairman of the Association of Relations across the Taiwan Straits will formally announce the arrival of the pandas in a ceremony on Thursday.

He'll also meet with Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin to discuss the animals' transfer. Meanwhile, honorary Kuomintang Chairman, Lien Chan will meet the press together with Chen for the hand-over of the pandas.


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