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Lunar mission marks 1 year


Source: | 10-25-2008 12:28

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China's first lunar probe, Chang'e-1, has reached the one-year mark in its scientific exploration mission.

China's first lunar probe, Chang'e-1, has reached the one-year mark in its scientific exploration mission.(

China's first lunar probe, Chang'e-1, has reached the
one-year mark in its scientific exploration mission.

Chang'e-1, named after a mythical goddess who flew to the moon, blasted off on October 24th, 2007.

The probe has been capturing and relaying pictures of the moon's polar areas.

And it's also stored lots of scientific exploration data. Scientists say all equipment on Chang'e-1 are functioning well, and enough fuel remains to extend the one-year mission.

The launch of the probe marked the first step of China's three-stage moon mission, which will lead to a lunar landing around 2012.