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Commemorative coins marking China´s first space walk released


Source: | 10-09-2008 08:59

Special Report:   Shenzhou-7 Manned Space Flight

Coins marking China's first spacewalk on the Shenzhou Seven mission are now available to the public.

The commemorative coins include a nine gram gold coin priced at 150 yuan and a 28 gram silver coin selling for 10 yuan.
The commemorative coins include a nine gram gold coin priced 
at 150 yuan and a 28 gram silver coin selling for 10 yuan.

The commemorative coins distributed by the People's Bank of China include a nine gram gold coin priced at 150 yuan and a 28 gram silver coin selling for 10 yuan.

Both coins have the same design featuring China's first space walk and an image of the solar system. 30,000 gold coins and 60,000 silver coins will be issued.