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Tropical Storm Marco hits Mexican coast, 2,000 evacuated

Source: Xinhua | 10-08-2008 11:13

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- Tropical Storm Marco Tuesday hit Mexico's Gulf coast with high winds and heavy rains, forcing the evacuation of some 2,000 people from high-risk areas.

The storm flooded coastal highways and brought heavy rains to the city of Veracruz, where authorities closed schools and set up 22 shelters with accommodation for 150 people each.

Some 2,000 people living along riversides, lagoons or near the coasts of Mexican Gulf were evacuated.

Authorities said that some 400,000 people had been affected by the flooding and that 800 towns were inundated.

The Mexican National Meteorology Service (SMN) said Marco first reached Misantla, some 100 km north of the city of Veracruz, with sustained winds of 100 km per hour.

SMN expert Jaime Albarran said that Marco would be degraded to tropical depression.


Editor:Zhang Pengfei