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Shenzhou 7 satellite back under control


Source: | 10-02-2008 08:46

Special Report:   Shenzhou-7 Manned Space Flight

The Beijing Aerospace Control Center says a small satellite accompanying the Shenzhou 7 spacecraft has been brought under control.

The Beijing Aerospace Control Center says a small satellite accompanying the Shenzhou 7 spacecraft has been brought under control.(
The Beijing Aerospace Control Center says a small
satellite accompanying the Shenzhou 7 spacecraft 
has been brought under control.(

After the satellite was released by the Shenzhou 7 last weekend it started drifting away from its intended trajectory. The control center now says it has reduced the distance.

The satellite will circle the orbital module, and send back the spaceship's first full video images within a week.

It is equipped with two cameras that can capture images from a distance of between four meters and two kilometers.

To make sure the accompanying satellite orbits the moving spaceship, scientists need to monitor and control both the objects in relative motion. The technology is part of preparations for China to build a space station.


Editor:Zhang Pengfei