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Shenzhou 7 spurs public interest in space


Source: | 09-28-2008 13:52

Special Report:   Shenzhou-7 Manned Space Flight

The launch of China's manned spaceship, Shenzhou 7 has spurred much enthusiasm among Chinese of different ages.

The launch of China's manned spaceship, Shenzhou 7 has spurred much enthusiasm among Chinese of different ages.
The launch of China's manned spaceship, Shenzhou 7 has 
spurred much enthusiasm among Chinese of different ages.

Envelopes with pictures of space, a set of postcards and even rocket models

These souvenirs in northwestern China's Aerospace City where the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center is located were hot items ahead of the launch of Shenzhou 7.

Local resident said, "I came here to view the launch of Shenzhou 7. I've watched satellites blast off before. But I haven't seen the launch of a spaceship yet."