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Roundup: More world leaders offer congratulations on success of Beijing Olympics

Source: Xinhua | 09-17-2008 23:12

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

BEIJING, Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- More leaders of foreign governments and international organizations have sent congratulatory messages in recent days on the success of the Beijing Olympic Games.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon said China should be proud of the stunning Games it hosted. The Beijing Games is a success of the Olympic principle and ideal, and a success of the practice of "a green Olympics, a High-tech Olympics and the People's Olympics," he said.

The Games was also an important chance for the international community to promote world peace and harmony through enhancing dialogue and mutual trust, he said.

The grand event has drawn together athletes, leaders and people from around the world in celebration of the Olympic spirit, which is a tremendous contribution by China to building a better world, he said.

Israeli President Shimon Peres said the Beijing Olympics is a great unparalleled, stunning event, which has shown to the world a splendid new China.

The Games extended a message of peace and a grand picture of unity, said Peres, noting that the Beijing Games will become a milestone with its famous motto of "One World, One Dream."

The Cold War thinking is destined to be replaced by the warm idea of "harmony," he said.

Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah said the Beijing Games excelled in its organizational and preparatory work, which ensured a sound and fair competing environment for the athletes.

The Games fully reflected China's progress in its civilization and its competitiveness to seek excellence and realise dreams in various fields, he said, noting that the honor of China's success in hosting the Olympics belongs to the whole of Asia.

Kuwaiti Crown Prince Sheihk Nawaf al-Ahmad al-Sabah said the tremendous efforts by China to hold the Olympics, notably the finest preparatory work, have secured the success of the world's greatest sports event.

Latvian Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis said the organizational work of the Beijing Games was outstanding, and the opening and closing ceremonies were spectacular. The success of the Games has further enhanced China's international sphere, he said.

The National Assembly of Venezuela passed a resolution which said the Beijing Games has again highlighted the important role of sport in fostering the all-round development and spirit of humankind as well as in promoting multiple dialogues between different nations.

Beijing has witnessed during the Games the noblest human senses -- humanity, unity and friendship, and has meanwhile shown the world its outstanding technologies, organizational work and sensitivity to humanity, it said.

Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa congratulated China on the success of the Beijing Games, which was a great opportunity for the nation to show its cultural prowess.

She thanked the Chinese government and people for their efforts and contribution to the Games which will prove conducive to regional peace and stability.


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