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China thanks foreign nations for their support for Beijing Olympic Games security

Source: Xinhua | 09-11-2008 19:49

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

BEIJING, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- China on Thursday thanked all the foreign countries who gave their support and cooperation in the work of ensuring the safety of the Beijing Olympic Games.

"China thanks all the foreign governments for their great support and cooperation in guaranteeing the Beijing Olympic Games' safety," said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu at a regular press conference.

She said China is ready to continue to develop anti-terrorism cooperation with all relevant countries based on the principle of equal and reciprocal cooperation, to jointly guard against and strike at terrorism and to safeguard world security and stability.

She said China believed that the current international anti-terrorism situation is still grave and frequent terrorist attacks have posed serious threats to security and stability in many nations.

She said China has always been opposed to terrorism of any form and actively advocated the strengthening of international anti-terrorism cooperation. "China holds that the United Nations should take a leading role, and is opposed to double standards on anti-terrorism and to connecting terrorism with a particular nation or religion," she added.


Editor:Zhang Yue