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Media: Unprecedented Beijing Olympics has special meaning to Afghanistan

Source: Xinhua | 08-24-2008 23:17

KABUL, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- The Afghan private TV channel Saba broadcast the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games alive on Sunday, and said the unprecedented and impressive Olympics is specially meaningful to the war-torn Afghanistan as a historic Olympic medal has been attained.

"The post-Taliban country has seized the 21st place among over 200 countries by its first ever bronze medal of Taewondo in Beijing," Saba TV said.

"The bronze medalist Rohullah Nikpay is the pride of whole Afghanistan and his success shows the capability of the Afghan people to the rest of the world," it said.

Peikar Farhad, an Afghan journalist told Xinhua, it is the first time he felt so "involved" as the Olympic Games was held in the neighboring China.

"Despite all kinds of difficulties before the Games' opening," he said," the Chinese people showed the China Power to overcome all problems and made a great Olympic Games."

"It is really international and impressive," Abdul Haleem, another Afghan media person said, "it shows the capability of Chinese people."


Editor:Zhao Shanchao