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Canada to provide wood-frame buildings to quake-hit areas in China

Source: Xinhua | 06-14-2008 15:17

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OTTAWA, June 13 (Xinhua) -- Canada unveiled a two-phase project on Friday to provide temporary and permanent wood-frame buildings to help survivors of the recent earthquake in China.

The 8-million-Canadian-dollar (about 8 million U.S. dollars) project is a collaborative effort between the Canadian federal government and the provincial government of British Columbia (B.C.).

"Millions of people in China have seen their homes and much of their critical infrastructure devastated by the earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks," said B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell at a joint news conference with Canada's Minister of Natural Resources Gary Lunn in Vancouver on Friday.

"This collaborative project will provide support to address both the immediate and long-term housing needs of the Chinese people, while demonstrating the quality of B.C. wood products." Campbell said.

Li Baoguang, China's deputy consul general in Vancouver, expressed sincere gratitude for Canada's generous assistance to Chinese victims of the quake-hit area.

"The Chinese people will always remember the support from their Canadian friends at their most difficult time." Li said.

Phase one of the project involves constructing temporary wood-frame housing units to help address the immediate needs in the areas affected by the earthquake. This phase will be supported through a combined contribution of 1.4 million Canadian dollars by the governments of Canada and B.C.

Phase two of the project involves building permanent wood-frame housing and other facilities, including a school and community center. The governments of Canada and B.C. will provide 2.3 million dollars and 4.3 million dollars respectively for this phase.

Delivery of the short-term shelters will begin immediately, with the goal of completing stage one in August 2008. Delivery of the permanent housing and related buildings is expected to begin in the spring of 2009.

In May, the Canadian government established the Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund. In the same month, the country announced the contribution of 1 million Canadian dollars to support the emergency response of the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC), helping to provide emergency shelter, medical services and relief items.

Up to 700 tents were delivered to China from Canada's emergency relief stockpile on June 2 for distribution by the IFRC to affected families.


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