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Yao Ming Foundation created for school rebuilding

Source: | 06-11-2008 17:26

Special Report:   Strong quake jolts SW China

NBA All-Star Yao Ming is using a 2 million US dollar donation to create a foundation to rebuild schools devastated by last month's earthquake in his native China.

The Yao Ming foundation will help raise funds to build earthquake-resistant schools in China.

NBA All-Star Yao Ming is using a 2 million US dollar donation to create a foundation to rebuild schools devastated by last month's earthquake in his native China.
NBA AllStar Yao Ming is using a 2 million US dollar 
donation to create a foundation to rebuild schools 
devastated by last month's earthquake in his native

Yao Ming said "Because I'm from China I care very much about what happened over there with this tragedy for my country the worst in history. I tried to find out what I could do from here."


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