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Tunisian tents arrive Chengdu


Source: | 06-09-2008 18:45

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International aid continues to reach parts of Sichuan province. On Sunday evening, a shipment of tents from the Tunisian government arrived at the provincial capital, Chengdu. Xie Zheng is in Chengdu and explains how this is the 53rd batch of international aid to arrive in the quake zone.

Tunisian tents arrive Chengdu

A shipment of tents arrived by jet in Chengdu. They are among the most urgently needed relief items nearly one month after the deadly earthquake struck Sichuan and the surrounding areas. Each tent can hold up to 20 people. The Tunisian government decided to make an emergency purchase of tents immediately after the situation in Sichuan became clear.

The international community has pledged more than 210,000 tents---some 50,000 have already been shipped to quake areas. Three out of four countries throughout the world and over a dozen international organizations have pledged assistance.

Tunisian tents arrive Chengdu

The Foreign Ministry has said China's response was quick and efficient in welcoming overseas aid and rescue teams. The Ministry has also made it clear that China is willing to continue working with other countries in disaster prevention, relief, and reconstruction.


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