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Feature: Volunteer doctor from Malaysia


Source: | 06-06-2008 14:06

Special Report:   Strong quake jolts SW China

Volunteers from home and aboard continue pouring into the quake zone.

Doctor Yang Liqian and his four assistants have come all the way from Malaysia. They have been working in the quake zone since Sunday.
Doctor Yang Liqian and his four assistants have come 
all the way from Malaysia. They have been working in
the quake zone since Sunday.

Doctor Yang Liqian and his four assistants have come all the way from Malaysia. They have been working in the quake zone since Sunday.

The team has reached many areas, providing free medical treatment, especially to people living in the remote mountainous areas.

On Thursday, they came to Jinlong village of Shifang city. Most of the patients there are seniors, women and children. Doctor Yang brings rich experience to his painstaking care.

Yang Liqian, overseas Chinese doctor said "Most of the patients here have upper respiratory infection or a common cold. The dust created by quakes and rising temperatures are factors. The patients need medical care."

The efforts of Doctor Yang and his assistants pay off. Patients get proper treatment and medicine. They say it's hard to find words to express their appreciation.

Local villager said "My baby looks happy, because those doctors bring medicine and food here. I thank all the people helping us."

Doctor Yang says long-term medical services play an important role in helping post-quake reconstruction. In addition to offering free treatment, he's planning to set up a team of overseas Chinese doctors. He says the team will come to the quake zone to design a long-term medical service program.


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