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Cross-strait charter flights for Dragon Boat Festival start


Source: | 06-03-2008 09:03

Special Report:   2008 Dragon Boat Festival

Chartered flights between the mainland and Taiwan for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival have gotten underway. Ten airlines from the mainland and Taiwan began operating 19 round-trip flights on Tuesday. Flights will leave from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen and Taipei.

Chartered flights between the mainland and Taiwan for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival have gotten underway.
Chartered flights between the mainland and Taiwan for
the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival have gotten underway.

Shanghai will see the most flights, with 14 round-trip routes. They're expected to transport 6000 passengers. Flights will operate from Shanghai Pudong International Airport's terminals 1 and 2. Xiamen Airlines will operate two round-trip flights from Thursday until next Monday.

The price of charter flight tickets have remained the same as those for other festivals. As of Monday, almost all seats on charter flights had been reserved. This year's Dragon Boat Festival falls on Sunday.


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