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Sangzao Middle School: No casualties


Source: | 06-02-2008 19:06

Special Report:   Strong quake jolts SW China

A middle school in Anxian County has reported no casualties among its more than 2,000 teachers and students during the earthquake.

The school buildings only sustained minor damages during the quake.

The afternoon of May 12th, the majority of students in Sangzao Middle School were in class when the earthquake struck. Feeling the tremors, the students immediately hid under their desks following their teachers' instruction.

After the first tremors had passed, they quickly and orderly left the school. One minute and a half after the quake, all 2, 300 students and teachers made it safely to the playground.

Liu Yin from Sangzao Middle School, said, "I did not panic when the earthquake occurred. We had already been through evacuation procedures. After receiving the signal from the school, the teacher of each class led the students out of the buildings."

The middle school had been practicing emergency evacuation since 2005, as required by the school's principal.

Ye Zhiping said he was inspired by similar exercises in effect in some coastal areas.

Ye Zhiping, principal of Sangzao Middle School, said, "Our school has a distinguishing feature: narrow areas. I was concerned by how we could evacuate students in case of fire."

Ye Zhiping also reinforced one of the buildings after he assumed office.

Ye Zhiping said, "Look at that pillar sticking out from the other side of the classroom. That is the result of reinforcing the wall of the classroom."

Some other modifications were made following Ye Zhiping's order. Steel railings replaced brick ones. Load-bearing pillars were widened. The revamping cost 400,000 yuan.

But the efforts paid off. The school buildings only sustained minor damages during the quake.


Editor:Zhang Ning