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Helping hands from a disabled farmer


Source: | 06-01-2008 14:58

Special Report:   Strong quake jolts SW China

Many people lost their homes and relatives in the earthquake. But instead of feeling hopeless, some are managing to be strong and help others. Our reporter Pan Deng follows a disabled farmer who lost his son in the quake in one of the worst-hit areas.

Helping hands from a disabled farmer(Photo:
Helping hands from a disabled farmer(Photo:

It's a long way to recover. This road is now tougher for Huang Gang. He lost his son in the disaster.

"Every time I think about my boy, I feel so sad. It's fine when I am not thinking about anything, but I feel sad when I touch this scar. He was just 16. Actually he didn't even reach his 16th birthday, it was still couple of months away. Yes, I am deep in sadness, but I have to help others to carry their children's bodies home. All the kids are the same. They studied in the same class. I have to take all of them back. I'm disabled, so I can't carry them, but I have my vehicle."

As well as losing his son, he also lost his newly-built house, which cost nearly all of his savings. It will have to be torn down and rebuilt.