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Makeshift house built for quake vicitms


Source: | 05-30-2008 10:07

Special Report:   Strong quake jolts SW China

For millions of earthquake survivors, a new life usually begins with a comfortable place to live.

For millions of earthquake survivors, a new life usually begins with a comfortable place to live.
For millions of earthquake survivors, a new life usually 
begins with a comfortable place to live.

This is a standard makeshift house. It's 20 square meters with windows facing each other giving it good airflow. It also has a southerly aspect allowing in sunlight during the day.

The house, made of a special type of steel, is rainproof, heat-resistant and environmentally friendly. It is equipped with a lighting system and electricity plugs.

Design aspects have been well thought through. Architects for these houses say the stove was placed in the center of the house to prevent walls from over-heating. The homes are being built to resemble a neighborhood.

Architect, engineering team from Dalian City, said, "These groups of houses actually form a community. There are administrators' offices, shops selling necessities, a kindergarten and there may even be a primary school in the future."