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Overseas Chinese donate for quake areas


Source: | 05-26-2008 19:30

Special Report:   Strong quake jolts SW China

People all over the world have been saddened by the Wenchuan earthquake. And many overseas Chinese are doing their bit to help compatriots in the quake-hit areas.

More donations from Australia

In Sydney's China Town, the Australian Red Cross and some local Chinese are raising money for the quake-hit areas in China.
In Sydney's China Town, the Australian Red Cross and 
some local Chinese are raising money for the quake-hit
areas in China.

In Sydney's China Town, the Australian Red Cross and some local Chinese are raising money for the quake-hit areas in China. So far, overseas Chinese in Australia have donated 2,000 tents to the quake-stricken areas. And local charities are also planning to buy more tents.

Lewis Kaplan, Executive Director of Australian Red Cross said "Thank you so much for attending this fund-rising activity today, to show our support to the people affected in Sichuan's earthquake."

Not only Chinese, but many Australians are contributing to the relief effort in Sichuan. Together, they've raised almost a quarter million Australian dollars.

Overseas Chinese in Japan raise funds

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, a charity auction of paintings and calligraphy is underway. Over fifty artists donated about a hundred artworks for the event, which will run until the end of June. It's expected to raise about 10 million yen.

China's Ambassador to Japan attended the opening ceremony. He said the Chinese community in Japan is undertaking a number of activities to assist the quake survivors.

So far, overseas Chinese in Japan have raised 560 million yen in cash, as well as relief supplies worth 52 million yen.

Charity concert held in France

In Paris, a charity concert was held on Sunday evening. It was organized by the Union of Chinese Educators and Students in France.
In Paris, a charity concert was held on Sunday evening.
It was organized by the Union of Chinese Educators and 
Students in France.

And over in Paris, a charity concert was held on Sunday evening. It was organized by the Union of Chinese Educators and Students in France. The event consisted of over twenty individual performances.

Many Chinese students in France donated items to raise a total of 7500 Euro during the evening. So far, the Union has received 50,000 Euro in donations.


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