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French medical team arrives in Chengdu


Source: | 05-26-2008 08:25

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A medical team dispatched by the French government has arrived in Chengdu -- the capital city Sichuan Province.

A medical team dispatched by the French government has arrived in Chengdu -- the capital city Sichuan Province.
A medical team dispatched by the French government has
arrived in Chengdu -- the capital city Sichuan Province.

The medical team is comprised of five doctors and 8 medical assistants. The French government is also preparing to send more medical staff and relief supplies to China. It donated 80 tons of relief goods during the past week. Another 50 tons will be flown into Chengdu on Tuesday.

After a short rest in Chengdu, the French medical team will go to Guangyuan and Qingchuan for relief work. Their mission in Sichuan will last six months.

French medical team arrives in Chengdu
French medical team arrives in Chengdu


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