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China´s embassy in France donates tents

Source: | 05-25-2008 16:44

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The Chinese Embassy in France has organized an "Emergency Relief Tents Action" to assist survivors of the Sichuan earthquake. The first batch of 44 large tents weighing a total of about 15 tons has left France for China on Saturday.

Chinese Ambassador to France, Kong Quan, hosted a ceremony. He said that the Embassy bought these tents as soon as it heard they were urgently needed in earthquake-hit areas. These tents are the best available on the French market and each one measures about 56 square meters.

Chinese Ambassador to France Kong Quan and the French medical rescue team members

Kong Quan, Chinese Ambassador to France, said, "Firstly, these tents are quite solid and the tent bars are all light steel. Secondly, each tent covers a large area and can be used as a mobile hospital, headquarters, a meeting room and even a temporary classroom. Each one can accommodate about 70 people...who can have meals together. Or even more people can hold a meeting... and 25 people can sleep in such a tent."

Also on Saturday, the French government sent a medical team of 13 peopl who will be helping with relief work at Guangyuan hospital in Sichuan.

French medical team gets ready to leave for China

French Medical Rescue Team Member, said, "We are honored to participate in this rescue work. This is not the first time that we carry out this kind of work and we are happy to help China."


Editor:Yang Jie