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Questions with No Answers - by Edwin Maher

Source: | 05-23-2008 11:32

Special Report:   Strong quake jolts SW China

(Written by Edwin Maher, CCTV anchor)

Oh Mother Earth !

what pain you must have suffered to tear yourself apart,

uncontrolled emotions bursting from your heart.


The children that you nurtured cannot understand the reason why.

We had no time to wonder but didn't want to die.


You sustained our lives in seasons both good and bad.

We asked for little, just to share your beauty and the fruits of your land.


Our towns were not rich when judged in material wealth.

But we were rich in our families' boundless love which gave us abundant health.


We loved the beautiful countryside - the goodness that flowed from your veins of water and the soil.

For this we were happy, if sometimes tired from toil.


Mothers, fathers and grandparents alike, had children who gave us hope and joy.

We lived for our young ones - each girl, each boy.


We brought them into your world with pain and ease.

We knew life was precious with no guarantees.


We had them in faith that their days would be happy and their troubles few.

They would need to be strong in hard times - that was something everyone knew.


We taught them at home and sent them off to school.

They learned the meaning of respect for their elders and the reasons for each rule.