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Prisoners in Guangxi donate for Sichuan

Source: | 05-22-2008 17:45

Special Report:   Strong quake jolts SW China

On May 21st, the prisoners in Liuzhou Railway Prison of Guangxi are greatly touched by the tremendous loss caused by Wenchuan earthquake and heroic acts of PLA, doctors, nurses and volunteers, and feel called to donate for the quake areas. In total, 19 prisoners donate 3690 yuan. (Photo: cnsphoto)
On May 21st, the prisoners in Liuzhou Railway Prison
of Guangxi feel called to donate for the quake areas
after they saw the tremendous loss caused by Wenchuan
earthquake and heroic acts of PLA, doctors, nurses and
volunteers.In total, 19 prisoners donate 3690 yuan.
(Photo: cnsphoto)


Editor:Xiong Qu