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Elderly couple donate life savings

Source: | 05-21-2008 13:51

Special Report:   Strong quake jolts SW China

To most Chinese, being a volunteer or donating blood, relief goods and money are the best ways to support the quake victims in Sichuan. An elderly couple in Shanghai has gone all out by giving 200,000 yuan, or 30,000 US dollars, their entire life savings.

Mr. Zhang and Ms. Wang had been teachers at public schools before retiring. They saw giving their savings to the victims as one of their responsibilities to the country.

Mr. Zhang said "To many difficulties exist in the quake-hit areas. We should help when our country is in difficulty. And, it is the government who gave us the money."

Ms. Wang said "It's what we ought to do. As long-time members of the Communist Party, it's our duty to help our country, to help those suffering from the quake in Sichuan."

Before Tuesday's donation, the couple had already given 2000 yuan to quake victims through their neighborhood committee and former employer. Now they decided to make their third donation - everything. Their 200,000 yuan was received by the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau at noon, and will be sent to Sichuan shortly.


Editor:Xiong Qu