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Foreign ambassadors express condolences


Source: | 05-19-2008 16:31

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Foreign ambassadors and diplomatic envoys have gone to the Chinese Foreign Ministry to pay their respects to the victims of the Sichuan earthquake.

More than 80 ambassadors came to the ministry to express their deep condolences over those who've perished in the disaster.
More than 80 ambassadors came to the ministry to express their 
deep condolences over those who've perished in the disaster.

More than 80 ambassadors came to the ministry to express their deep condolences over those who've perished in the disaster.

Many said they were impressed by the rapid response of the Chinese government.

Russian Ambassador to China Sergey Razov 
Russian Ambassador to China Sergey Razov 

Russian Ambassador to China Sergey Razov said, "Russian people are friendly people, and as China's strategic partner, Russia felt truly sorry about the disaster which China is suffering now. "