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Large scale epidemic prevention operation


Source: | 05-17-2008 13:32

Special Report:   Strong quake jolts SW China

A large scale epidemic-prevention operation is in full swing in Dujiangyan City, one of the worst quake-hit areas in Sichuan province.

A large scale epidemic-prevention operation is in full swing in Dujiangyan City
A large scale epidemic-prevention operation is in full 
swing in Dujiangyan City.(

This is Dujiangyan disease prevention center, where a 24-hour operation is underway.

Hundreds of emergency workers are preparing disinfectant for another round of public health efforts in the city.

An emergency worker said, "All the dead bodies and debris across the quake-affected area must be disinfected first. Then the next step is to eliminate flies that can spread a possible epidemic."

An earthquake victim said, "They come to disinfect the survivors' settlements twice a day, and provide us with medicines that are needed."

An earthquake victim said," Life is getting better now. Many people, even those from other quake-hit regions like Chengdu city, nearby towns and rural areas, have come to help us."

About 30,000 emergency workers from the disease prevention center as well as thousands of soldiers are now in the city, helping the survivors.

All the temporary settlements for earthquake victims will be disinfected by 10 o'clock Friday evening.


Editor:Liu Fang