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Premier Wen oversees Beichuan, Wenchuan relief work


As he left Beichuan, Premier Wen met a volunteer team from the United States. They are members of "Heart to Heart International." Wen Jiabao expressed his gratitude.

As he left Beichuan, Premier Wen met a volunteer team from the United States. They are members of "Heart to Heart International." Wen Jiabao expressed his gratitude.
As he left Beichuan, Premier Wen met a volunteer team from
the United States. They are members of "Heart to Heart 
International." Wen Jiabao expressed his gratitude.

Premier Wen said, "First of all, on behalf of the Chinese government, I appreciate the support from the government and people of the United States. The earthquake has caused severe losses, but the Chinese government has organized relief work with all efforts."

Wen Jiabao also briefed the American volunteers on the overall rescue work.

Brian Robinson, China Rep. of HIH International, said, "We hope to cooperate with the government in our efforts. Local people have been severely hit by the quake. We want to cooperate in an organized and coordinated manner."