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Mt. Qomolangma climbers must meet three qualifications

Source: | 05-08-2008 05:52

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

(QOMOLANGMA, Tibet, May 7) -- Zhang Zhijian, spokesman for the Chinese Mountaineering Team, announced on Wednesday that the Olympic Torch Relay climbers that will reach the summit with the flame must meet three qualifications.

First, the climber must be a team player and be willing to sacrifice his or her own interest for the good of the whole team. Second, the climber must have the strength to move reach each next step in all aspects of the Olympic Torch Relay. Third, the climber's nationality, gender and place of birth.

Candidates are evaluated based on their performances throughout the preparations for the Mt. Qololangma Olympic Torch Relay.

Mr. Zhang also said that all members of the team are worthy of respect for their great contributions to this grand event, regardless of whether they can finally stand on Mt. Qomolangma.


Editor:Xiong Qu