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Local Tibetans help prepare for Mt. Qomolangma ascent


Source: | 05-05-2008 08:19

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

At the Mount Qomolangma base camp, local Tibetans have been busy helping with preparations to take the Olympic torch to the top of the world. Torch bearers are still waiting at the base camp for the weather to clear.

ingri in the Tibet Autonomous Region is the highest county in China.
Tingri in the Tibet Autonomous Region is the highest county 
in China.

Tingri in the Tibet Autonomous Region is the highest county in China. Each year, when the main climbing season at Mt. Qomolangma arrives, many local people can be seen working at the base camp. This year is no exception.

Because they're so familiar with the conditions here, their work is almost complete.

Cering Karsang leads a team responsible for carrying oxygen, heavy generators and food from 5200 meters above sea level up to 6500 meters. 
Cering Karsang leads a team responsible for carrying oxygen, 
heavy generators and food from 5200 meters above sea level up 
to 6500 meters.

Cering Karsang leads a team responsible for carrying oxygen, heavy generators and food from 5200 meters above sea level up to 6500 meters. The 40-kilometer round-trip takes them just 12 hours.

Cering Karsang said "We didn't take quilts with us, and there is no place to sleep either. So we came back the same day."

Cooking at such a high altitude isn't easy. But there are Tibetan cooks to help.

Each year more than 500 local residents come to the foot of the mountain to work. But they say this year is very special for them. That's because the Olympic torch is coming here. They say they are glad to make their own contribution for the Olympics.


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