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Total jailed over Lhasa violence rises to 30

Source: Xinhua | 04-29-2008 20:22

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

LHASA, April 29 (Xinhua) -- A further 13 people were sentenced on Tuesday afternoon, bringing the number of people imprisoned for involvement in the March 14 riot to 30, said a Lhasa court.

Three of the 30 were sentenced to life and the shortest jail term was three years, according to the Intermediate People's Court of Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, which passed down the sentences at an public court session which started on Tuesday morning.

The Lhasa violence left seven schools, five hospitals and 120 homes torched and 908 shops looted. Total damage was more than 244million yuan (35 million U.S. dollars).

A total of 18 innocent civilians and one police officer died in the riot, in addition to 382 injured civilians and 241 policemen.


Editor:Xiong Qu