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US: DPRK unclear talks are "substantive"


Source: | 04-25-2008 15:58

The US delegation involved in talks over the DPRK's nuclear programs has wrapped up its visit to Pyongyang. Both sides say their discussions were useful.

After a three day visit to Pyongyang, the US nuclear envoy, Sung Kim, arrived in Seoul on Thursday.(
After a three day visit to Pyongyang, the US nuclear 
envoy, Sung Kim, arrived in Seoul on Thursday.

After a three day visit to Pyongyang, the US nuclear envoy, Sung Kim, arrived in Seoul on Thursday. He said negotiations with DPRK officials over the declaration of the Pyongyang nuclear programs were detailed and productive.

"I haven't had chance to report to Washington, so I have no comment. I'll just tell you that we had a good visit and we had a very substantive discussion."

The same day, a spokesman for the DPRK's Foreign Ministry also expressed satisfaction. He said "the negotiations proceeded in a sincere and constructive manner, and progress was made".

The US delegation discussed technical matters with the DPRK including the content of the nuclear declaration.

According to a joint statement issued last October at the six-party talks over the DPRK's nuclear programs the DPRK was supposed to complete the denuclearization of its three nuclear facilities in Yongbyon before the end of last year. It was also supposed to give a full and accurate declaration of all of its nuclear programs. The US would in return fulfill its pledges to the DPRK. But there are differences between the two sides regarding the nuclear declaration..and the agreement was not fulfilled as scheduled.


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