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Expert: Disruptions of torch relay not comply with human rights law


Source: | 04-22-2008 15:52

Special Report:   Overseas Chinese protect flame

The international human rights forum in Beijing has entered its second and final day. CCTV reporter, Han Bin, spoke with the President of the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, John Von Doussa. He said the disruptions of the Olympic torch relay do not comply with the human rights law.

Mr. John Von Doussa, President of Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Mr. John Von Doussa, President of Australian Human 
Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

Q1. The Beijing Olympic global torch relay has been disrupted by some Tibetan separatists, do you think such action complies with the international law on human rights?

Q2. China has constantly been under attacks by some western media on its human rights situation. There seems to be a trend of politicizing human rights and imposing western standards to the country, do you think this is a useful way of solving differences?

Q3. To what extent do you think the Beijing Olympics can help promote the country's human rights situation?

Q4. And what's your expectation for the Games in promoting international human rights?


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