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Foreign entrepreneur impressed by Tibetan development


Source: | 04-22-2008 13:27

Special Report:   Tibet Today

Paul Dubrule is one of the co-founders of Accor, an European and worldwide leader in hotels and tourism, as well as corporate services.

Paul Dubrule, chairman and founder of the leading multinational hotel group Accor Group
Paul Dubrule, chairman and founder of the 
leading multinational hotel group Accor Group

Widely known for his success in the hospitality industry, Dubrule has travelled the world to spread his knowledge.He's also been to Tibet many times in recent years saying the Tibet he's seen with his own eyes impresses him so much for its landscape as well as for its economic development.

In addition to his reputation in the hospitality industry, Dubrule is also a former member of the French parliament. Six years ago, at the age of 68, he travelled by bicycle to Tibet setting out from Paris. The 8-month, over 15,000-kilometer journey was an eye-opener for him and completely changed his views on Tibet.