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Press conference briefs Lhasa riots: 88 suspects still at large


Source: | 04-19-2008 09:38

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

Public security authorities in Lhasa have held a press conference, briefing the media about their investigation into the March 14th riots.

Jiang Zaiping,deputy director of Lhasa Public Security Bureau spoke in the press conference.
Jiang Zaiping,deputy director of Lhasa Public Security 
Bureau spoke in the press conference.

Jiang Zaiping, deputy director of Lhasa Public Security Bureau, said, "Based on the evidence we have, we put 170 suspects on our wanted list. About half of them have been arrested. 11 of them turned themselves in and were given lenient treatment. Most of these suspects have confessed to their crimes. Altogether, 365 suspects so far have given themselves up to the police. Some of them were organizers of the March 14th riots, others were merely participants. Most of the latter were threatened or tricked into taking part."


Editor:Liu Fang